June 18, 2018

Val Caldwell to Present to Students and Parents This Week. 


Val Caldwell has been providing presentations on the topic of safety around the use of technology for 9 years.  Her personal and professional passion is to provide current and relevant tools and information to children and adults to help them use their various forms of technology and Social Media as safely as possible.  Val address the various forms of hidden sexual exploitation that exists in the “virtual world”. 


Val has spoken to well over 15,000 children in grades 5-12 throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as countless parents, caregivers, and professionals.   She draws her experience from her 9 years working as a Program Facilitator for CFS Western as well as being a busy Mum of 2 teenagers.  Val shares countless personal stories that involve a variety of social media related experiences.  Her open, dynamic, entertaining and extremely honest style of presenting resonates with audience of all ages.  It has been noted that she has the ability to take extremely difficult topics and discuss them in a way that puts everyone at ease. Her presentations have been well received and highly recommended for anyone who works with youth or has their own children as the information pertains to all users of technology. 


Some parent comments:


“Val’s presentation kept me captivated and interested for the full 2 hours on a topic that is very important for the safety of our children.  She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about internet safety.  If you get the chance to hear her speak, do so!”

“Val’s presentations are hands-down THE best parent information sessions I have ever taken part in.   If you only do one thing this year to educate yourself as a parent,  make sure this is it, you won’t regret it!”


Contact FWG school for details.







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