In education, so many things have become obsolete but not so for Pinawa Secondary School's Outdoor Education. The values and reasons for launching the program in 1978 are as relevant today as they were back then. In fact, in reading Brian Friese's initial proposal the benefits of such a program have proven to be timeless. Skills such as group work and cohesion, ecological and environmental impact awareness, orienteering and survival continue are but a few of the skills that contribute to a student's ability to grow in responsibility, pride, and self-confidence through this program and have proven to be timeless skills.

This year Pinawa Secondary School's Wilderness Canoe Trip hosted 24 students and 4 staff. For the third consecutive year now its program has impacted people internationally with the inclusion of about a dozen International host students who have attended PSS.

Outdoor Ed has become more than just a program, it has become an integral part of Pinawa Secondary's identity. Every year students are exposed to a minimum of two outdoor ed opportunities as well as countless occasions to bring their education outdoors with the goal of providing a place to learn, grow and build together both in and out of the classroom.

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