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Experiment Time in Kindergarten!

Day 1 - Today we did an experiment! We took 3 balloons and filled them with water and food coloring. The balloons were tied and we hung them outside. What do you think will happen?

We will take a look tomorrow and send more pictures of what we find!

Day 2 - Today we looked at the balloons we filled with water yesterday and noticed that the water froze and turned to ice! We also noticed that when water freezes, it expands! We did not fill the balloons up all the way, but when they froze they went higher up in the balloon and made a teardrop shape. When we cut the balloon off, it felt cold, hard and smooth. The ice started to melt a bit when we took them inside and held them with our warm hands. We noticed that the ice balloons made different sounds when you "knocked" on them. The smallest one made a higher pitch than the medium and larger ice balloon. The largest ice balloon made the lowest pitch. We noticed that the blue food coloring showed up the most and the lime green food coloring almost looked yellow. The pink food coloring barely showed in the ice balloon. We thought the ice balloons were very neat and we want to make more when everyone else gets back to school!

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